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Gate of Heaven Genesis 28:17 Framed Print

Gate of Heaven Genesis 28:17 Framed Print

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Step into the ethereal realm with our "Gate of Heaven Framed Print." This exquisite artwork not only adorns your wall but also serves as a captivating reminder of the spiritual connection between heaven and earth.

This framed print features a mesmerizing depiction of a celestial gate, bathed in divine light and adorned with intricate details. The gate symbolizes the threshold between our earthly existence and the heavenly realms, inviting contemplation of the eternal.

While the artwork itself is a testament to the profound spiritual journey, its meaning is further enriched by the scripture it draws from. The imagery resonates with the words from Genesis 28:17, where Jacob exclaims, "Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it." It is a reminder that the divine is ever-present, even in the most unexpected moments.

Hang this "Gate of Heaven Framed Print" in your home, meditation space, or any area where you seek connection with the sacred. Its breathtaking imagery and deep symbolism make it a cherished addition to any environment. 

Rectangle Framed Art Print

Semi-gloss paper framed in 1 inch 100% real wood frames with a matte enamel finish. Framed prints have an archival, shatterproof plexiglass. Framed paper prints offer you a professional finish ready to elevate any space.

  • Ready To Hang - Wire hanger attached
  • Professionaly finished back
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Sizes Reference the Print Inside the Frame
  • Available in Black, White & Espresso colors
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