How to pick the right vase for your flowers and home decoration

Flower vases are around since we have begun to bring in plants and flowers to decorate our homes. they are available in numerous completely different forms that it started to bring us headaches and indecisiveness in choosing the perfect vase for our home.

To find out the right vase for your plants and fitting your home decoration preference, you should consider the:

  • The Size of the vase.
  • The Color of the vase.
  • The Shape of the vase.
  • Style and Home atmosphere you would like to create



The factor that creates an enormous distinction in how flowers look is ensuring the stems are at the proper length for the vase

Follow a basic rule once selecting the size of the jar, cut flowers ought to be one-and-a-half to 2 times the height of the jar.

Don’t use an oversized vase for tiny plants; the vase is going to dwarf them.

For example, think about the dimensions of the vase. a large vase will look stunning if you place it on the ground, at the corner of the room or if you would like to use it to display some tall flowers or branches.

How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration

Large Butterfly Vase

While a small vase can be decorated with colorful plants and flowers which you can use them as an accessory for tables or next to your window.

How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration

Vivid Neoclassic Vase


The jar shouldn’t hinder other components of décor. for instance, if you place it ahead of the washroom mirror, it ought to be short enough to still allow you to see yourself within the mirror without any inconveniences.


When choosing colors for your vase, you need to consider whether the color of the vase a good match with the flower and the home atmosphere you would like to create.

Studies indicated that some color could make you down whereas some could energize you and still additionally evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. so the colours you decide on for your home will influence the way you are feeling.

For instance, you may want to decorate your study room or office with warm colors to help you stay energetic during your work. And a calm colors style at your bedroom or living room to make the environment more relaxing.

Avoid using a transparent glass vase unless you are willing to maintain the plant regularly to disguise the flowers’ stems, which are clearly visible through the glass. 

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How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration

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The shape of the jar is also vital. Depending on what form of decoration arrangement you wish to form, you'll either get a skinny and tall jar or a short, concave one.

Choose a square jar if you would like to present your bouquet a wide berth. square vases provide a bouquet space to detached, ideal for a tightly packed bunch of flowers. square vases additionally add a touch of unconventional or fashionable vogue to the presentation.

Use a cylindrical jar with a tapered neck if you have got tall, slim flowers you would like to display. A cylindrical jar provides a more minimalist look that draws the attention to the colourful buds of the flowers instead of to the jar.

A vase which features an attention-grabbing, sculptural type in which case it'd stand out with any kind of flowers. Highlight its beauty with the proper lighting or by putting it in a strategic spot.

How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration


When we consider the style and design of the vase, we need to think about what kind of atmosphere you would like to create during that specified area. A relaxing place to rest or a productive place for your work and study or a type of theme you are fascinated with.

Vase with sculptural designs taking the shape of animals, natures are favorite pieces for an Art Deco or Eclectic interior. While plain, neutral vases are great for the minimalist style.

Studies suggested that decorate your home with decoration that contains natural elements such as plant and animal can help create a positive and relaxing environment.

How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration


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  How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration

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How To Pick The Perfect Vase For Your Flowers And Home Decoration

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