7 Common Home Decoration Mistake - Don't do any of them

For many people, home decoration is a process of groping, there will undoubtedly be success and failure, but you do not have to learn some general principles of interior design through painful lessons. See the eight major mistakes in the home improvement that are commonly made by a newbie.


1.No color test before brushing the wall

When you look at the color of a paint, buy it and then paint the wall. This is one of the most common mistakes in home improvement. The true color of the paint brush on the wall and its appearance on the color card may be completely different. First, make some small samples on the wall and observe the effect under different light. This may delay the painting plan by one or two weeks, but it can help you avoid unnecessary frustration.


2.Spread white carpet

A white piece of carpet is both stylish and chic. If you are a very clean person, there are no children and pets in your home. It seems feasible to keep the white carpet or white carpet on the bottom. In fact, this is not the case. Even if you don’t wear shoes in your living room, vacuuming every day, white carpets will inevitably change color due to dust.


3.Buy a Fluffy Carpet

A fluffy feel and a comfortable and chic style. The problem is that they are more likely to shed hair than Labrador retrievers. Some homeowners have become accustomed to living in a house with wool and vacuum cleaners, but most people will find it not worth it, and eventually they have to deal with the carpet or shelved it.


4.Install marble countertops

Just like the high-heeled shoes that give design sense, no matter how others persuade them, fashion women will still choose to own them. The marble countertops are also too beautiful, which makes it difficult for many owners to resist the temptation. They will have unrealistic thoughts and believe that the beauty of the material can make up for the high investment in maintenance; but when scratches and stains appear on the table, they will inevitably regret their decision. For improved durability, new and improved quartz countertops would be a better choice.


5.Decorate the living room with a colorful sofa

To add a lively and radiant touch to your seat or sofa, you can change the color of the pillow and seat cushion, but when you really buy a sofa with a touch of color or over-patterned, the taste of the room is in jeopardy. It may seem fashionable and attractive at the moment, but when the design of the entire living room is dominated by the sofa, you may want to change a more neutral sofa in a few years.


6.Completed once

Complete all interior decoration at one time, often making people regret making a hasty decision. After you have checked in, you will purchase a complete set of furniture and complete the matching decoration. It feels good at the moment, but when you actually start living in your new home, you may notice that the new curtains can't stop the light of the living room, and the one-click fashion on the Internet. The bed is not as good as the old bed, and the office area and the room should be exchanged. But you have spent your budget... Mature design takes time, don't be too hasty.


7.Buy cheap furniture that needs to be refurbished

You find a super cheap tufted armchair in the second-hand cargo area of Craigslist, but it may not look like it looks. If it is to be refurbished in the living room (such as changing the seat), make sure to include this part of the cost before buying. The cost of refurbishment can be prohibitively high and is usually more expensive than buying new furniture. If you don't count this account, you may fall into a dilemma.

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