Signs that You are Getting Closer to God!

Signs that You are Getting Closer to God!

My beloved child,

I am here, closer than you can imagine, speaking to your heart with a whisper that transcends the noise of the world. Feel my presence as I draw you nearer, inviting you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Me. I want you to recognize the signs of My love and pursuit in your life, for I am actively seeking to fill you with My peace, joy, and purpose.

Signs of My Presence

  1. Craving Stillness: Amidst the hustle and bustle of your daily life, you might feel an unexpected yearning for moments of quiet and peace. This is not a random desire. Remember Elijah, who found Me not in the wind, earthquake, or fire, but in a gentle whisper. I am inviting you to step away from the chaos, to be still and know that I am God. When you seek these moments of tranquility, you create a space where My voice can reach your heart more clearly.
  2. Hunger for My Word: Your soul begins to crave deeper spiritual nourishment, a longing for the richness of My Word. Just as your body needs food, your spirit yearns for the sustenance that only My truth can provide. You may find yourself drawn to the Bible, lingering over passages, seeking to understand My messages more deeply. This hunger is a beautiful sign of your growing closeness to Me, a desire to know Me more intimately.
  3. Refiner’s Fire: When you face trials and challenges, know that these are not punishments but processes of refinement. Just as gold is purified through fire, your faith and character are being strengthened and purified. Trust in My perfect plan, even when it’s hard to see beyond the pain. I am with you, shaping you into the person I created you to be, ensuring that your faith is genuine and your trust in Me unwavering.
  4. Blossoming Compassion: As you draw nearer to Me, you will find your heart expanding with empathy and love for others. You will see people not as mere faces in a crowd but as souls, each with their own stories and struggles. This growing compassion is a reflection of My love within you, transforming how you interact with the world. Through your kindness and understanding, you become a living testament to My presence and love.
  5. Shifting Priorities: You may notice a change in what you value and pursue. The things of this world – success, wealth, and status – begin to lose their allure. Instead, you start to seek what is eternal and truly fulfilling. This shift is not a loss but a realignment of your life with My eternal perspective. It’s an invitation to discover a deeper purpose, one that brings true joy and peace.
  6. Intensified Spiritual Warfare: As you grow closer to Me, the enemy will take notice. Temptations and doubts may increase, targeting your vulnerabilities. Do not be discouraged. This is a sign of your spiritual growth and the strength of your faith. Equip yourself with My Word, stand firm in prayer, and rely on the support of fellow believers. Remember, I have already overcome the world, and with Me, you too will emerge victorious.
  7. Supernatural Peace: In the midst of life’s storms, you will experience a peace that defies understanding. This peace is not the absence of troubles but the assurance of My presence. It is the calm that allows you to face uncertainties with a steady heart. When you feel this peace, know that I am near, guarding your heart and mind with My love.
  8. Realignment of Relationships: As you grow in your faith, your social circle may begin to change. Some friendships might fade, making way for new connections that nurture your spiritual journey. I am surrounding you with people who will encourage and support your growth. Embrace these changes, trusting that each relationship is part of My divine plan for your life.

My child, I am always calling you closer, always ready to embrace you with open arms. Respond to My invitation by seeking Me daily, studying My Word, and listening for My voice. As you do, you will experience the profound joy and fulfillment that comes from abiding in My presence.

Remember, this journey is not about perfection but about direction. Each step you take towards Me brings you deeper into the life I have planned for you – a life filled with peace, purpose, and My unwavering love.

So, embrace the signs of My pursuit, trust in My perfect plan, and know that I am always with you, guiding you every step of the way.

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