If You Notice These Things Happening Then YOU CARRY GOD’S PRESENCE

My dear child,

I welcome you with open arms, and I am so glad you have found your way here today. I have something wonderful to share with you. My presence in your life is a source of incredible blessings, and I want you to experience the fullness of my love, power, and grace.

When you carry my presence with you, remarkable things begin to happen. Your life is transformed, and the atmosphere around you shifts. You will find joy and peace even amidst life's chaos and challenges. My presence within you will be a beacon of light, drawing others to the warmth and kindness that I have placed in your heart.

As you spend time with me, you will begin to hear my voice more clearly. In the quiet moments of your day, I will whisper guidance and wisdom to you. This deep communion will strengthen your faith and give you the confidence to step out boldly, knowing that I am with you every step of the way.

Worship will become a natural part of your life. Not just in church, but in everything you do. Your heart will overflow with gratitude and praise, and you will find yourself singing and dancing in my presence, just like King David. This passion for worship will draw you closer to me and fill your days with joy.

Spending time with me will accelerate your spiritual growth. Just as plants thrive in the sunlight, your spirit will flourish in my presence. Old habits and negative thoughts will fade away, replaced by a new sense of purpose and fulfillment. People around you will notice the change and be drawn to the joy and peace that radiates from within you.

With my presence, you will walk in a greater measure of faith. You will find the strength to face any challenge, knowing that nothing is impossible with me by your side. You will be bold in your actions and confident in your decisions, trusting that I will guide you and provide for you.

You will also receive fresh revelations and insights as you dwell in my presence. The scriptures will come alive with new meaning, and you will understand my plans and purposes more clearly. This wisdom will not only benefit you but also those around you as you share my truth and love.

Carrying my presence makes you a powerful conduit of healing. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, my power will flow through you to touch the lives of those in need. You will be a source of comfort and hope, bringing my peace to a hurting world.

Your spiritual discernment will increase, allowing you to see beyond the surface and understand the deeper issues at play. You will be able to navigate life’s complexities with grace and wisdom, helping others to find clarity and peace.

With my presence in your life, you will overflow with compassion for others. You will see people through my eyes, understanding their struggles and extending my love and kindness to them. This compassion will inspire you to act, making a tangible difference in the lives of those you encounter.

Finally, as you carry my presence, you become a vessel of revival and transformation. Your life will be a testament to my goodness, and you will influence the world around you in profound ways. You will bring my light into the darkest places, and your faith will ignite a hunger in others to seek me.

My beloved child, know that you are never alone. I am with you always, guiding and loving you. Embrace my presence, and let it transform every aspect of your life. Walk in the assurance that you are deeply loved and chosen for a special purpose.

May my blessings fill you, my peace surround you, and my love guide you every day.

I love You.


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I reseive your Blessings with Faith Gratitude and a open and thankful Heart in Jesus Name I pray thank you
Amen 🙏🙏🙏


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