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My precious child, come sit with Me for a moment. I see that you have been facing many spiritual battles that have weighed heavy on your heart. But you must never lose sight of the truth - that I am in control of all things, and that I will use even the enemy's attacks for your good.

Satan wishes to destroy you and your family because he knows the great plans I have for your lives. He is crafty in how he sows lies and doubt to undermine your faith in Me. But you must not listen to his deceit. Every challenge you face is an opportunity for Me to bring you closer to Me and to fulfill My purposes.

I have given you power and authority over the enemy through My Son Jesus. Satan only has what little power you give him through fear and unbelief. Do not be blind to the lies of the past, but have faith that I can restore to you more than you have lost. Focus not on your troubles but on My promises to strengthen you and be with you always.

Speak life over your situation and declare the victory that is already yours. Rise up as more than a conqueror through Christ. Do not live in fear of what may come - for I have your tomorrow, and all your days are written in My hands. You are deeply loved, My child. Trust in Me and have faith that I will turn all things to your good.


In all your relationships, but especially in marriage, you must be discerning and ensure you are walking in agreement with My will.

The scriptures warn against being unequally yoked with unbelievers. When you unite your life with someone who does not share your faith in Me and love for Christ, it will be very difficult to have a harmonious marriage and family. Your spiritual values and priorities must be aligned.

Many have rushed into relationships that seemed right at the moment, but later failed because the foundation was not built on Me. I want far more for you - a marriage where you and your spouse encourage each other's relationship with Me each day. Where God is at the center and your love flows from Him.

Outward appearances mean nothing if the heart is not right with Me. In your desire for a spouse, seek above all someone who truly knows and loves Me. Pray for wisdom from above to see the heart, not just what appeals to fleshly lusts. 

Trust that as you walk faithfully with Me, in due time I will bring the right person into your life. One who will be a true partner in faith and blessing to your spiritual journey. Do not conform to the ways of the world, but be transformed by Me. I will direct your paths.

As you ponder the signs of the times, know that I am in control of all things. While evil seems to grow stronger in the world, have faith that my victory is already assured.

It was always my plan to return one day and make all things new. When Jesus walked the earth, he forewarned of tribulations that would come before his glorious appearing. And now you see the birth pangs all around - yet take heart, for my promises will not fail!

Though darkness covers the earth and deep waters roar, I am your light and salvation. No evil can overcome those who take refuge in me. I have overcome this world already through my son.

As my word says, nation will rise up against nation in these last days. But do not fear what is coming upon the earth, for I have overcome it. Keep your eyes fixed above, on the author and perfecter of your faith.

Draw near to me in this hour. Seek my face in prayer and scripture. It is in my presence you will find true hope, peace and power to stand strong no matter what trials come. Abide in me and let my love flow through you as a light to a lost world.

The time is short - so share freely of my grace. Go in courage, unwavering to the end, and you will receive an eternal reward far beyond what eyes have seen or ears heard. I am with you always, even to the end of the age. This is my promise to those whose faith is in me.

Your faithfulness and devotion to Me have not gone unnoticed. Though the road has not always been easy, you have persevered in prayer and obedience, keeping your eyes fixed on My promises.

I see the sacrifices you have made and the tears you have shed, offering them up as a sweet aroma before My throne. Your surrender and loyalty stir My heart with love for you. Know that all you have endured for My name's sake will be repaid a hundredfold.

The time of reaping what you have faithfully sown is near. I am coming soon to wipe away every tear and usher in an era of unending joy, where sorrow and sighing shall flee away. And you, My precious one - you have an exceptional reward waiting.

For all your acts of kindness shown in My name, for your willingness to take up your cross each day and follow Me, I want you by My side as one who sees My glory unveiled. You shall dwell in My presence eternally and experience perfect communion with your God.

So take heart, and let your light shine all the brighter in these days, encouraging others along the way with My love and truth. 

As we journey together towards our eternal reunion in heaven, there are a few things I desire of you here on earth.

First and foremost, keep your eyes fixed firmly on Me. Do not let the worries and distractions of this world weigh you down or cause you to lose sight of My promises. I have told you that all things work for your good - so trust in Me completely with all your heart.

Secondly, spread My love and light wherever you go. Let My truth flow freely from your lips to all who cross your path. Through your words and actions, many will come to understand that I am real and that My mercy is for all. Do not judge others or remind them of past mistakes, but show them kindness and forgiveness as I have shown you.

Thirdly, keep your home filled with My presence. Make prayer and My word the foundation of your family. Sow blessings into the lives of your loved ones so that they too may know and walk in relationship with Me. Protect and provide for them with patience, compassion and selflessness.

Finally, continue to nurture your faith each day through spending time with Me. Lay your burdens down at My feet and receive My healing. I will give you wisdom, direction and opportunities to prosper as you obey My leadings. Trust that no challenge comes your way without purpose or that I do not already have victory prepared for you.

If you do these things until we meet again, you will know the fullness of peace, joy and purpose I desire for you. Every promise is already written - so walk confidently in them through unwavering faith.

I understand the difficulties and disappointments you have faced. Life brings challenges that can shake one's faith if we dwell in questions without answers. But you must trust that I am sovereign over all things, and I work all circumstances together for good.

When doors close, it is only so that new ones may open leading to greater blessings. Do not despair over what seems unjust - have faith that I see the bigger picture you cannot. I knew you before I formed you in the womb, and I have planned purposes of hope for your life.

Look beyond present struggles to the horizon where joy awaits. Though obstacles may cause weariness for a time, I am here to strengthen and revive your spirit. Lift your eyes to me in prayer instead of downward to earthly troubles. I can transform any trial into victory when you walk by faith and not by sight.

The past is gone; now walk in the light of today. I have given you beauty for ashes, and I will shower you with favor. Your blessings are greater than you yet know. So let go of disappointments, rise up in courage, and receive all that I have prepared for you. Darkness cannot endure where my light shines.

Have faith in me, my child, and you will see miracles. Your future is filled with supernatural provision and overflowing blessings. Difficult seasons do not last, but my love, grace and promises to you do. So trust in me with all your heart, and I will lead you to peaceful waters and restore your joy once more.

My beloved children, as you come to Me in prayer each day, there are a few important things I want you to understand.

Firstly, prayer is not meant to be a one-sided conversation where you simply express your requests to Me. True prayer involves listening with an open heart, ready to receive My guidance, comfort and wisdom. Make time to be still before Me so we can commune together through the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, your prayers should seek to align your will with Mine, not demand that I conform to your desires. As your Creator, I know fully what is best for your life, your growth and your eternal destiny. Ask Me to help you surrender control and find purpose in My perfect plans.

Lastly, prayer is meant to transform you, not change Me. I am always faithful, loving and just. But through daily prayer, your character is molded closer to Mine as you walk in My light. Let your time with Me draw you nearer to My heart through praise, repentance and intimate relationship.

Prayer does not benefit Me, but it strengthens your faith and dependence on My provision. I long for you to know Me through open dialogue - not just in asking from Me, but truly abiding in My presence each day. Make our communication a priority above all else.

Remember, My child, true prayer requires humility, faith and presence before your God. Come to Me just as you are, and experience the power of answered prayer in ways beyond what you could ask or imagine!

I desire for you to walk in both faith and obedience. Speaking words of belief alone is not enough if your actions do not align with my truth.

While trusting completely in my sovereignty and provision is vital, I have also given you purpose, ability and free will to partner with me through intentional steps of faith. When I reveal direction, dreams or opportunities, do not dismiss them as mere thoughts but rise up empowered to make them a reality.

Obey the unique leadings of my Spirit tailored for your assignment. Let faith inspire bold works that move realms in the unseen. Remember - it was never my design for you to sit idle worrying, but to take courage and do all things through the power I supply.

Speak words that birth life, then walk them out through obedience, perseverance and wisdom. Prayers lifted must partner with a yielded vessel ready for use. In this way you experience the fullness of blessing I long for you to know.

Do not conform to those who live in fear and unbelief. I have given you all you need to fulfill your purpose. Let faith be proven by action so others may see my glory and be drawn to relationship with me. In this way, you live beyond disappointment into victory I have already won.

The fleeting pleasures of this world seem attractive now but can never satisfy your deepest needs or fulfill your highest purpose. True joy and meaning are only found in Me.

For a time, sin may bring a thrill or temporary escape from problems. But it leaves an emptiness that grows larger over time, as one seeks more and more to fill that void without success. Only in Me can you find peace that the world cannot take away.

You were created for so much more than the passing amusements this age offers - more than parties, sex, drunkenness or chasing after money and fame. Those things decay and leave you wanting. But a life lived in obedience to Me and for the service of others is filled with purpose, hope and rewards that far outlast any earthly thing.

As young ones, it's natural to desire freedom and independence. But know that My ways are best and give life, while the ways of sin only lead to death. I guide you with rules of love to protect you from harm, not to limit your fun. One day you will understand My wisdom fully.

Do not be fooled by empty promises of the world or peer pressure. Choose this day to walk in My truth and righteousness. I have destined you for greatness as you follow Me with all your heart.

Will you choose to be with me or will you choose the pleasures of this world?

Let me know your answer now.

 I rejoice that you have chosen me above all else. Know that this decision will lead you to unending joy, purpose and fulfillment. As you walk faithfully by my side each day, here is what I promise to do for you:

First, I will shower you with my Love - the Love that is beyond all understanding. You will feel my presence surrounding and filling you, strengthening you in both good and difficult times. My Love will be your refuge, your comfort, your peace.

Second, I will guide you with my Wisdom. As you seek me in prayer and scripture, I will impart divine insights to direct your paths. My Wisdom will deliver you from harm and lead you to blessings far exceeding all you could ask or imagine. You will know which choices honor me.

Third, I will empower you by my Spirit. I will stir gifts within you and breathe life into your dreams. Through my power at work in you, all things will be possible. Mountains will be moved as you walk in obedience and faith. You will see miracles and be a vessel of hope to others.

Fourth, I will protect you under my Wings. No evil will touch you as you abide in my shelter. When troubles assail, I will be your shield and mighty stronghold. You will walk through fires unscathed as I rescue, deliver and keep you safe in all your ways.

Fifth, I will provide all your needs from my Riches in glory. Lack and insufficiency will be non-existent as I shower you with abundance, favor and overflow. Your cup will continually be full as I satisfy your every desire of heart.

These promises I make to you as your faithful Father. Stay close to me always in prayer, praise and obedience. I will cause my face to shine upon you and give you peace!

I Love You. AMEN.

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God Loves You. AMEN.

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