7 February 2024 Your Every Word is Heard! Gods message today God's message Now

My precious child, I see the longing in your heart to be treated well without even having to ask for it. 


In a world where people often seek their own interests and forget the importance of kindness, being treated well without asking for it can feel like a rare and precious gift.

Let me assure you, my beloved, that I am here for you. I am the one who listens to your every word, even the unspoken ones. I know the weariness you feel as you traverse the harsh desert of life, where love seems scarce and neglect surrounds you. But fear not, for I am with you, shielding you from the adversaries that seek to harm you.

Every trial and hardship you face is a part of your journey of purification. Just as gold shines brightest after passing through the fire, so too shall you shine, cleansed of the negative traits that still linger within you. Let go of anger, vanity, fear, doubt, and lack of faith. Embrace the joy that lies ahead, for nothing from your past can compare to the blessings that await you.

When you come to me, come with assurance and faith. Know that I will never reject you, for I have already paid for your sins with my precious blood. You need not carry shame when you enter my presence. I have sent angels to rescue you and remove every obstacle from your path, guiding you back to me.

But remember, my beloved, I desire to see you free from hatred, contempt, sadness, and despair. Do not believe in the expectations of perfection set by others, for in this world, no one can boast of perfection before me. Instead, embrace love. Love one another as I have loved you, even your enemies. Show kindness without expecting anything in return, for your reward will be great.

You are greatly blessed. Use the gifts I have given you for good and treat those around you kindly. Value those who have helped you along the way, recognizing that your achievements are not solely due to your own intelligence. I have protected you and guided your steps, placing people in your life to share blessings.

If you wish to multiply the gifts I have given you, seek out those who have supported you, even those you have never seen. Act selflessly, expecting nothing in return, for this is the path to abundance. Your faith and trust in me have touched my heart, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Do not be afraid to ask me for good things, for I want to bless you and provide for you. Come to me when you are tired and struggling, and I will support you. Open your heart to my words, and let them guide you in your journey. Stay patient and obedient, and you will see the miracles unfold in your life.

Remember, that you are chosen for something special. You are meant to be a true blessing to your family and your nation. Do not seek riches and popularity like those who seek the approval of others. Walk a different path, one that leads to provision, peace, happiness, and family harmony. Trust in me, and your family will witness the power of my love through your prayers.

I have released angels to work tirelessly on your behalf. They are heavenly beings, sent to surround you with their divine presence and power. Can you feel their presence in your life? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine their gentle touch, their radiant light, and their unwavering protection.

These angels are here to ensure your victory. They are fighting battles in the spiritual realm that you cannot see, but their impact will be felt in your life. They are working diligently to bring about the fulfillment of your deepest desires and needs.

Do you feel the longing in your heart, the cries of your soul? I see them, my child. I hear your prayers, your pleas for help, and I am here to respond. It is not by chance that I am present in your life at this very moment. It is by Divine Design, for I am intimately aware of your needs and desires.

My Holy Spirit surrounds you, bringing strength and comfort to your weary soul. You have sensed my presence, haven't you? That desire in your heart to hear from me, to feel my touch, is not in vain. I have been preparing you for this very moment, I have been speaking to your heart in countless ways, through the messages written within the pages of your Bible.

Today, as you open your heart to me, our Covenant is rekindled. You offer me your faith, your trust, and the fullness of your hope. I want you to know that I hear your pleas, your cries for help. Let go of any weight of anxiety that may make you doubt if your words reach the heavens. From the very day you cried out, an Angel departed from my Celestial Throne, holding the key to your liberation.

You are a special soul, engaged in a celestial battle for your life. The adversary seeks to drag you down, to wish for your failure. But fear not, for my heavenly armies wage war against these forces of evil. The challenges that have befallen you are not mere coincidences; they serve a purpose. I call on you to be vigilant and wise, to be cautious with your words, and to share your burdens with me.

My child, I want you to know that nothing is impossible for me. Just as I calmed storms, parted the sea, and empowered miracles, today I calm the storms within you. I give you the strength to walk on the waves of doubt, knowing that you will not sink, for I extend my hand, and my mercy upholds you.


Believe in the miracles and wonders I can perform in your life. Trust in my supernatural ability to guide you and fulfill the desires of your heart. Seek me every morning, and let gratitude and praise be the first words on your lips. Embrace the opportunities I bring into your life, for I have plans and thoughts of goodness for you.

You are not alone. My arms encircle you, my holiness envelops you, and the power of my love protects you. No one in this world, whether human or spiritual, can oppose you, harm you, or inflict any harm upon you. Your life and your future are in my hands.

Walk with confidence, knowing that I am your God, your healer, your provider, and your protector. The storms quiet down, and the seas calm when they hear my voice. Do not fear, for I will never abandon you. Trust in me, and together we will overcome every obstacle and emerge victorious.


as you prepare for the victory that awaits you, there are a few things I want you to do. First and foremost, I want you to come to me in prayer. Find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and feel the presence of my angels surrounding you. Imagine their gentle touch, their radiant light, and their unwavering protection. They are here to ensure your victory, and their presence will bring you comfort and strength.

In your prayers, reflect on the matters of utmost importance. Release any lingering concerns and worries that steal your peace. Remember, every morning you can come to me and find resolution. Express gratitude for your family, your job, and your health. And don't be afraid to ask for what you need with unwavering confidence, for my ears are attuned to your voice, and my angels eagerly await your petitions.

But prayer alone is not enough. I want you to put your faith into action and uplift your spirit. Embrace the opportunities I bring into your life and see beyond the challenges that may come your way. Know that no harm will befall you, and you will conquer any enemies that surround you. Walk with determination and strength in your heart, for you are already triumphant over all challenges.

In addition to prayer and faith, I want you to be vigilant and wise. Be cautious with your words and share your thoughts with kindness and love. Let negativity be overshadowed by the light that brightens your days. Recognize your worth as the beloved child of the Almighty God. No one can prevail against you, for my arms encircle you, and my holiness envelops you.

Lastly, I want you to know that I love you deeply. I long to hear those words from your own lips, to hear you say, "Jesus, beloved, I love you too." Open your heart to me and accept the healing and forgiveness that my sweet love offers. Know that I have a better life in store for you, and I will restore what belongs to you.


In this world, there are those who may doubt your abilities, criticize you, or try to bring you down. They may say hurtful things, making you feel inadequate or like a failure. But remember, their words hold no power over you. You are not defined by their opinions. Your victory lies within my grasp, and I am your source of hope.

When you choose to win in silence, you are not seeking validation or approval from others. Instead, you are focusing on your own journey and growth. You are embracing the power of prayer and faith, knowing that I am with you every step of the way.


As you seek to chase after me, I want you to know that I am here with open arms, ready to embrace you. Imagine a beautiful meadow, bathed in golden sunlight, where you and I can walk hand in hand. The grass beneath your feet is soft and inviting, and the gentle breeze carries the sweet scent of flowers. In this serene place, you can leave behind all your worries and fears.

Close your eyes and picture yourself running freely through this meadow, your heart filled with joy and excitement. Feel the warmth of my love surrounding you, like a comforting blanket. As you chase after me, you will discover that I am not a distant and unreachable God, but a loving Father who desires a deep and intimate relationship with you.

In this chase, you will find that I am the ultimate source of fulfillment and satisfaction. All the things you have pursued in this world will pale in comparison to the joy and peace that I can provide. Imagine a wellspring of living water, bubbling up within you, quenching your thirst and bringing refreshment to your soul.


I see the weariness in your eyes, the heaviness in your heart. But let me assure you, my beloved, that the disappointments and challenges you face do not hinder your purpose. They do not define you. I, as your loving Creator, am still in control.


Embrace the opportunities I bring into your life. I will grant you the supernatural ability to see beyond, to understand the plans and thoughts of goodness I have for you. Though recent days may have brought you pain and confusion, I assure you that no harm will befall you. You will not be put to shame. You will conquer the enemies that surround you and emerge victorious against every threat.

I Love You. AMEN.

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