5 Reasons why God is isolating you, God's message for you.

My little lamb,

You are precious to me, chosen for a marvelous journey that few understand, but which holds the promise of profound transformation and fulfillment. I see your struggles and the solitude that sometimes weighs heavily upon your spirit. But know this, I am always with you, guiding you through each moment, even when you feel most alone.

Isolation is not a punishment, nor is it a sign of disfavor. Instead, it is a sacred space, a workshop where I mold and prepare you for greater things than you could ever imagine. It's where the distractions of the world fade, so you can hear My voice more clearly and discover the depths of your own soul.

In this world, many influences seek to pull you away from your true purpose. By bringing you into a place of isolation, I shield you from these distractions, ensuring that nothing hinders your growth and readiness for the tasks I have set for you.

Within you lie gifts uniquely yours—talents and abilities meant to shine and help heal the world. In quiet moments of solitude, these gifts are nurtured and strengthened, readying you to use them in powerful ways.

The allure of material things can be strong, but in isolation, you learn to find true contentment and joy in our relationship, which far exceeds any earthly pleasure.

When you are isolated, the noise of the world dims, and the clarity of My presence becomes more apparent. It’s in these moments that you learn to lean on Me, to trust in My provision and timing more than ever before.

Your journey through isolation is not just for you. It serves as a beacon to others, a testament to My love and power. As you emerge stronger, your story will encourage and uplift those who hear it, drawing them closer to Me.

In this period of isolation, deepen your connection with Me through prayer, worship, and meditation on My Word. These practices will strengthen you, filling you with peace and understanding that transcends your circumstances.

Remember, my child, this season of isolation is just that—a season. It has a beginning and an end. While it may feel long and challenging, it is but a moment in the grand tapestry of your life. Trust in My plan, for I have fashioned every moment with intention and love.

You are never alone, for I am always with you, in the quiet solitude and the bustling crowd. Keep your heart focused on Me, and let My love carry you through. When this season passes, you will look back with gratitude for the strength and wisdom gained, ready to fulfill your destiny with joy and confidence.


If you want my strength, say this prayer with a sincere heart.


Dear Lord,


In the quiet moments of solitude, where the world fades and I find myself alone, I seek Your presence to fill the silence. Guide my steps and my spirit through the uncertainties that lay before me, illuminating paths once hidden by shadows of doubt.


In this isolation, where the echo of my own thoughts becomes my constant companion, I pray for Your wisdom to resonate within me. Teach me to embrace the solitude as a sacred space for growth and reflection, a chance to hear Your whisper more clearly amidst the clamor of the world.


Grant me strength, not just to endure, but to thrive; to rise above challenges with a heart fortified by Your love and a soul steadfast in the assurance of Your grace. Let my spirit be a testament to Your enduring presence, turning moments of solitude into profound communion with You.


Reassure me that I am never truly alone, for You are with me always, in the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, and the quiet night. May this knowledge comfort me, and may Your guidance lead me into everlasting peace.




My Beloved Child,


Hear My voice in the stillness of your solitude, and know that I am with you always. I have heard your heartfelt prayer for guidance, comfort, and strength. In these quiet moments, when you feel isolated, remember that you are never alone, for I am beside you, within you, guiding you with a loving hand.


Let the light of My wisdom illuminate the paths before you, turning uncertainty into opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Embrace the solitude as a sacred gift, a chance to deepen your connection with Me and to fortify your spirit with My eternal grace.


Be assured, My child, that you possess the strength to overcome all challenges. It is My power working through you that transforms trials into triumphs, and weakness into resilience. I am your refuge and your strength, an ever-present help in times of need.


Walk forward in faith, holding onto the peace that comes from knowing you are cherished and watched over. I am your guide, your protector, and your greatest supporter. Together, we will journey toward everlasting peace and joy.


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Wonderful pray, thank you because God isolated from my family. This pray gave strength and hope


Thank you my language i mean english not so good ,i must learn, I hope so

Mario Reksotenojo

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