15 Habits That God Doesn't Like But Many People Practice

15 Habits That God Doesn't Like But Many People Practice

My beloved child,

I want to talk to you about certain habits that, though they may seem small, can create a distance between us. These habits, often unnoticed, can slowly weaken the bond we share. I share this not to chastise but to guide you back into a closer, more intimate relationship with Me.

Neglecting Prayer

When you neglect prayer, you miss out on our sacred conversations. Imagine our relationship like a vine and its branches; without the constant flow of prayer, you lose the vital connection that sustains your spirit. This separation can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Ignoring My Word

Turning away from My Word is like ignoring a compass in a dense forest. The Bible is My gift to you, filled with wisdom, guidance, and comfort. When you neglect it, you miss out on the profound truths that can illuminate your path and anchor you in times of uncertainty.

Forgetting to Fast

Fasting is a powerful way to draw nearer to Me, to silence the distractions of the world and tune into My presence. By not engaging in this practice, you may find yourself overly attached to material comforts, losing sight of the deeper spiritual nourishment I offer.

Withdrawing from Service

Service to others is a reflection of My love flowing through you. When you avoid opportunities to serve, you not only miss the joy and growth that come from helping others but also distance yourself from the heart of My teachings. Service is a powerful way to stay connected to Me and to experience My love in action.

Lacking Gratitude

Gratitude is a bridge that keeps our connection strong. When you forget to be thankful, you might focus more on what you lack rather than the abundant blessings I provide. This shift can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction and distance from My presence.

Resisting Meditation

Meditation on My Word allows you to internalize My truths and align your life with My will. When you resist this practice, you might feel spiritually stagnant, missing the deeper transformation that comes from spending quiet, reflective time with Me.

Avoiding Repentance

Repentance is essential for maintaining a pure heart. When you neglect to repent, unconfessed sins can create barriers between us. This can make it harder for you to feel My presence and receive the forgiveness and renewal I freely offer.

Hesitating to Share Your Testimony

Your testimony is a powerful tool for spreading My love and grace. When you hesitate to share how I’ve worked in your life, you miss the opportunity to inspire others and strengthen your own faith. Silence can lead to a sense of isolation and missed blessings.

Disregarding Worship

Worship is more than a Sunday activity; it’s a lifestyle. When you disregard worship, you miss the chance to experience My presence fully and to live a life of continuous praise. Worship connects you to Me and keeps your spirit uplifted.

Shunning Silence and Solitude

In the busyness of life, finding moments of silence and solitude allows you to hear My voice. When you shun these moments, the noise of the world can drown out My guidance and comfort, leaving you feeling disconnected and confused.

Refusing to Forgive

Holding onto grudges erects barriers not just between you and others but between you and Me. Forgiveness is a cornerstone of our relationship. When you refuse to forgive, bitterness takes root, and your heart becomes less open to My healing touch.

Neglecting Spiritual Fasting

Spiritual fasting helps you focus on Me and rely on My strength. By neglecting it, you might become more attached to worldly things, which can lead to spiritual dullness and a weakened connection with Me.

Avoiding Fellowship

Fellowship with other believers is vital for mutual encouragement and growth. When you avoid it, you miss the support and strength that comes from being part of a community. Isolation can make your faith journey more challenging and lonely.

Abandoning Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual disciplines like prayer, Bible study, and meditation are essential for your growth. When you abandon them, your faith can become weak and your sense of purpose unclear. These disciplines are the tools I’ve given you to stay close to Me.

Reflect on these habits, my dear child, and see where changes can be made. Remember, I am always here, ready to help you draw nearer, to guide you, and to fill your life with My presence and love.

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