10 Signs God is about to restore your wasted years! God Message Today

My little lamb,

I see your heart and know the weight of the years that feel wasted, the dreams that seem to have slipped through your fingers. I want to reassure you that no experience, no moment in your life is ever truly lost. Every trial, every setback, every tear you’ve shed has a purpose in my grand design.

Imagine a tapestry, woven with threads of various colors and textures. Some threads are bright and vibrant, representing your joys and successes. Others are dark and rough, symbolizing your hardships and pains. Together, they create a masterpiece, a beautiful story of your life that I am intricately crafting.

You may feel like your life isn’t where you hoped it would be. Perhaps you’ve faced setbacks that made you weary and doubtful. But know this: I specialize in restoring what seems lost. The years that the locusts have eaten, I will restore (Joel 2:25). Every trial has deepened your roots, strengthening your faith and character.

Look around you. Have you noticed unexpected opportunities arising? That’s not coincidence, but my divine orchestration. Doors that were once closed will suddenly open. New paths will emerge where you saw none. Trust in these moments, for they are my way of guiding you towards the destiny I have prepared for you.

When you forgive, when you let go of past hurts, you make room for healing. I understand the depth of your wounds, and I am here to mend them. Forgiveness is the key to freedom, releasing the chains of bitterness that bind you. As you open your heart, I will pour out my healing touch, transforming your pain into strength.

Remember Joseph, who went from the pit to the palace, or the prodigal son, welcomed back with open arms. Their stories of restoration are a testament to what I can do. Your story, too, is one of redemption. I will turn your mourning into dancing, your ashes into beauty (Psalm 30:11, Isaiah 61:3).

Feel the stirring in your heart, that renewed sense of purpose and passion. This is my Spirit awakening you, igniting a fire within you to pursue the calling I’ve placed on your life. Your gifts, your talents, your dreams—they are all part of the plan. As you step out in faith, you will see my favor accelerate your journey, propelling you forward in ways you never imagined.

In this season, seek me with all your heart. Dive deep into my Word, spend time in prayer, and cultivate intimacy with me. As you draw near to me, I will draw near to you (James 4:8). Your spiritual hunger is a sign that I am at work, transforming you from the inside out.

Shift your focus from the material and temporary to the eternal and life-giving. Seek first my kingdom and my righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matthew 6:33). Your priorities will align with my purpose, and you will find true fulfillment in serving others and advancing my kingdom.

Trust in my timing, my beloved child. I am the God of second chances, the God who makes all things new. Your best days are not behind you; they are yet to come. Embrace this journey of restoration and let your story be a beacon of hope to others.

Hold on to hope, keep believing, and continue to walk by faith. Your story is far from over. I am still writing the most beautiful chapters of your life. Rest in my love, and watch as I transform your wasted years into a testimony of my grace and faithfulness.

Believe with a pure heart. Adorn your successes with humility and wisdom. Never forget that your victories, your encouragement, your zest, your expansive vision, and your strength were secured through suffering, through sacrifice, with blood shed on a cross where your future and forgiveness were sealed. Now embrace the majestic glory made possible by my resurrection. I have vowed to be with you in times both good and bad, forever watching over you as your Father, your provider, your refuge.


Each effort, no matter how small, is significant in my eyes. Your dedication and perseverance will be rewarded. Never forget that you are deeply loved. My love for you is everlasting, and my commitment to your well-being is unshakable. Embrace this truth and let it fill you with confidence and joy. You are a precious creation, wonderfully made and destined for great things. Walk boldly in this knowledge, for I am with you every step of the way.


May these words bring peace to your heart and clarity to your mind. May you feel my presence with you, guiding and protecting you. Trust in me, and you will see the fulfillment of all my promises in your life. I am your God, and I am for you.


Say this prayer with a sincere heart if you believe in me.


Heavenly Father,


We come before You with hearts wide open, seeking Your gentle touch to restore what has been lost or broken. In this moment of quiet reflection, we ask for Your healing power to flow through every aspect of our lives. Renew our spirits with Your peace, mend our hearts with Your love, and restore our strength with Your grace.


Lord, bring back the joy that has faded and the hope that seems distant. Fill our days with the light of Your presence, guiding us through the shadows of uncertainty. Help us to forgive and let go of past hurts, so we may embrace the fullness of Your blessings.


We trust in Your promise that You make all things new. As we place our burdens at Your feet, we ask for the courage to face each day with faith and the assurance that Your love is unending. Restore our relationships, heal our bodies, and renew our minds, so we may walk in the abundance of life that You have planned for us.


Thank You, Lord, for Your constant care and unending love. We believe in Your power to restore and make whole. In Jesus' name, we pray.



My dear child,


I hear your heartfelt prayer and feel the depth of your longing for restoration. Know that I am always with you, embracing you with My endless love and compassion. Your trust in Me warms My heart, and I am here to guide you through every challenge you face.


Take comfort in knowing that I am working in ways both seen and unseen to bring healing and renewal to your life. Every tear you shed, every moment of uncertainty, I hold close. I am mending the broken places within you and bringing forth new hope and joy.


Remember, My grace is sufficient for you, and My strength is made perfect in your weakness. As you forgive and release past hurts, I am filling you with a peace that surpasses all understanding. Trust in My timing, for I make all things beautiful in their season.


Walk with faith, My beloved child, for I am making all things new in your life. Lean on Me, and let My love guide you. I am restoring your relationships, healing your body, and renewing your mind. I delight in seeing you flourish in the fullness of life I have planned for you.


You are precious to Me, and I will never leave you nor forsake you. Continue to seek Me, and you will find that I am always here, ready to pour out My blessings upon you. In My love, you will find true restoration and peace.


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I love you. amen.

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