What does a sponsor do at confirmation ceremony?

The sponsor's involvement begins well before the actual confirmation ceremony. They should actively participate in the preparation process, which may involve attending classes or meetings with the candidate. These sessions aim to deepen the candidate's understanding of the sacrament and their faith.

During this preparation period, the sponsor should engage in meaningful conversations with the candidate about their beliefs, answering any questions they may have, and providing guidance based on their own experiences. This helps foster a stronger spiritual connection and prepares the candidate for the commitments they will make during the confirmation ceremony.

Responsibilities During the Confirmation Ceremony

On the day of the confirmation ceremony, the sponsor plays a prominent role. They stand alongside the candidate as they are presented to the bishop or priest. This symbolic act represents the sponsor's support and affirmation of the candidate's readiness to receive the sacrament.

During the ceremony, the sponsor may be called upon to recite the renewal of baptismal promises or witness the candidate's profession of faith. They also place their hand on the candidate's shoulder as a sign of support and guidance during the anointing with sacred chrism by the bishop or priest.

Post-Ceremony Support

The sponsor's role does not end with the confirmation ceremony. Afterward, they continue to support the candidate in their spiritual journey. This may involve ongoing conversations, attending Mass together, participating in parish activities, or offering guidance in times of doubt or difficulty.

The sponsor serves as a role model, demonstrating what it means to live a life of faith and virtue. They can provide encouragement and share personal experiences to help the candidate navigate the challenges they may face as they grow in their faith.


In summary, the sponsor in a confirmation ceremony is a crucial figure who supports the candidate throughout their preparation and serves as a guiding presence during the ceremony itself. By fulfilling their responsibilities with care and dedication, sponsors play a vital role in helping candidates embrace their faith and live out the values of the Catholic Church.

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