Unveiling Your Inner Disciple: Which of the 12 Apostles Reflects You?

Unveiling Your Inner Disciple: Which of the 12 Apostles Reflects You?

The twelve apostles were chosen by Jesus Himself to carry out His mission on earth. Each apostle had unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses that contributed to the diverse tapestry of discipleship. In this article, we will embark on a journey of self-reflection to unveil which of the twelve apostles resonates with our own spiritual journey. By discovering our inner disciple, we can gain insight into our strengths and areas for growth as we strive to follow Christ more closely.

Peter: The Bold and Passionate

If you resonate with Peter, you are likely bold and passionate, often speaking before you think. Like Peter, you may have experienced moments of great faith and unwavering commitment, but also times of doubt and impulsiveness. Through your journey, you learn the importance of humility, forgiveness, and trusting in God's grace.

John: The Beloved and Reflective

If you find yourself drawn to John, you possess a deep love for God and others. You are reflective, introspective, and have a tender heart. Like John, you seek to understand the mysteries of God's love and long for intimate communion with Him. Your journey involves cultivating empathy, compassion, and a desire to serve others selflessly.

Matthew: The Transformed and Compassionate

If you resonate with Matthew, you may have experienced a significant transformation in your life. Just as Matthew left his tax collector's booth to follow Jesus, you have experienced God's grace and forgiveness, leading to a compassionate heart for those considered outcasts. Your journey involves sharing the good news with others and embracing the transformative power of Christ.

Thomas: The Honest and Seeking

If you identify with Thomas, you may be naturally skeptical and inclined to seek evidence and truth. Like Thomas, you desire a deep understanding of your faith and may have wrestled with doubts along your journey. Your spiritual growth involves cultivating trust in God's promises and embracing faith even when faced with uncertainty.

James: The Zealous and Fervent

If you resonate with James, you possess a zeal and passion for righteousness. Like James and his brother John, you may have a fiery spirit and a desire for justice. Your journey involves tempering your zeal with humility and learning to surrender to God's will, trusting Him to bring about true transformation in the world.


Andrew: The Inviter and Connector

Andrew, the brother of Peter, was known for his gift of bringing people to Jesus. If you resonate with Andrew, you may have a natural ability to connect with others and introduce them to the transformative power of Christ. Your journey involves continually inviting others into a relationship with Jesus, making discipleship a priority in your life.

Philip: The Analytical and Inquisitive

Philip was known for his analytical and inquisitive nature. If you identify with Philip, you may have a logical mind and a desire to understand the deeper truths of your faith. Your spiritual growth involves embracing intellectual exploration while cultivating a heart of faith that goes beyond mere knowledge.

Bartholomew: The Genuine and Honest

Bartholomew, also known as Nathanael, was recognized for his genuine and honest character. If you resonate with Bartholomew, you value authenticity and transparency in your relationships. Your journey involves cultivating a genuine faith that is not afraid to ask tough questions and wrestle with doubts.

James son of Alphaeus: The Steadfast and Dependable

James, son of Alphaeus, was known for his steadfastness and dependability. If you identify with James, you exhibit a consistent and reliable character in your faith journey. Your spiritual growth involves deepening your commitment to God and faithfully serving others with unwavering devotion.

Thaddaeus: The Faithful and Encouraging

Thaddaeus, also known as Lebbaeus or Judas son of James, was recognized for his faithfulness and encouragement. If you resonate with Thaddaeus, you have a natural inclination to uplift and support others in their spiritual journeys. Your journey involves embracing your role as an encourager and faithfully walking alongside others in their pursuit of Christ.

Simon the Zealot: The Passionate and Committed

Simon the Zealot was known for his fervent commitment to his beliefs. If you identify with Simon, you exhibit a passionate and zealous spirit in your faith journey. Your spiritual growth involves channeling your passion into a Christ-centered mission, advocating for justice and righteousness.

Judas Iscariot: The Warning and Lessons Learned

Judas Iscariot, though known for his betrayal of Jesus, serves as a cautionary tale and a source of reflection. If you find elements of Judas' character resonating within you, it is an opportunity to examine the state of your heart, motivations, and priorities. Learning from his mistakes, your journey involves seeking repentance, forgiveness, and restoration in Christ.


May we glean wisdom from their stories and apply these lessons to our spiritual journeys, growing in faith, love, and commitment to following Christ wholeheartedly.

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