30 God Is Good Quotes

30 God Is Good Quotes

Hello, and welcome to our collection of 30 inspiring quotes about the goodness of God. In times of joy, sorrow, uncertainty, and everything in between, it can be incredibly uplifting to remind ourselves of the unwavering goodness of God. 

Here are 30 Quotes from us to showcase the Goodness of God:

  1. “God does not have goodness; He is goodness. He is the source and standard of all that is good.”

  2. “God knows what we need better than we do. He gives us not what we want, but what we need for our ultimate good.”

  3. “God does not spare us from suffering, but He shares it with us. He became one of us in Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for us.”

  4. “God does not make everything easy for us, but He makes everything possible for us. He gives us His strength and grace to overcome every obstacle.”

  5. “God does not agree with us on everything, but He loves us unconditionally. He does not love us because of who we are, but because of who He is.”

  6. “God does not conform to our expectations, but He transforms our lives. He changes us from the inside out by His Spirit and His Word.”

  7. “God does not reward us for our deeds, but He forgives us for our sins. He does not treat us as we deserve, but as He desires.”

  8. “God does not answer all our prayers the way we want, but He hears all our cries. He listens to our hearts and responds in His perfect timing and wisdom.”

  9. “God does not eliminate all our fears, but He gives us all His peace. He does not promise a life without trouble, but a life with His presence.”

  10. “God does not control all our circumstances, but He guides all our steps. He does not force us to follow Him, but He invites us to trust Him.”

  11. “God does not show us the future, but He holds it in His hands. He does not reveal everything to us, but He assures us of His promises.”

  12. “God does not meet all our demands, but He exceeds all our dreams. He does not give us what we ask for, but what we never imagined.”

  13. “God does not remove all our pain, but He heals all our wounds. He does not take away our scars, but He turns them into testimonies.”

  14. “God does not avoid all our troubles, but He overcomes all our trials. He does not leave us alone in the storm, but He walks with us through the fire.”

  15. “God does not endorse all our opinions, but He enlightens all our minds. He does not agree with our thoughts, but He teaches us His ways.”

  16. “God does not follow all our plans, but He fulfills all His purposes. He does not do what we want, but what He wills.”

  17. “God does not compromise with our choices, but He respects our freedom. He does not coerce us to love Him, but He gives us the option to choose Him.”

  18. “God does not prevent all our mistakes, but He corrects all our paths. He does not stop us from falling, but He picks us up and restores us.”

  19. “God does not fulfill all our desires, but He fills all our hearts. He does not satisfy our cravings, but He quenches our thirst.”

  20. “God does not reflect our image, but He created us in His likeness. He does not look like us, but we are made to look like Him.”

  21. “God is good to us not because of what we do for Him, but because of what He did for us. He gave His only Son to die for our sins and rise again for our salvation.”

  22. “We see God’s goodness not only when we receive His blessings, but when we trust His promises. We believe that He is working all things together for our good and His glory.”

  23. “We feel God’s goodness not only when we sense His presence, but when we seek His face. We draw near to Him with confidence and humility, knowing that He will draw near to us.”

  24. “We express God’s goodness not only when we praise His name, but when we obey His commands. We worship Him in spirit and in truth, showing that we love Him more than anything else.”

  25. “We show God’s goodness not only when we thank Him for His gifts, but when we use them for His service. We steward His resources wisely and generously, sharing them with others in need.”

  26. “We demonstrate God’s goodness not only when we love Him with all our heart, but when we love others as ourselves. We reflect His image and character in how we treat one another.”

  27. “God’s goodness is not confined to the light of day; it extends to the dark of night. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and His mercies are new every morning.”

  28. “God’s goodness is not restricted to the joy of life; it encompasses the sorrow of death. He is the resurrection and the life, and He will wipe away every tear from our eyes.”

  29. “God’s goodness is not bound to the heaven above; it reaches to the earth below. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and He will make all things new.”

  30. “God’s goodness is not limited to the past and present; it spans to the future and eternity. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, and He will be with us always.”

These quotes serve as a reminder of the unwavering goodness of God and can provide comfort, encouragement, and inspiration in various aspects of life.

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