Prayer for Inner Peace

Prayer for Inner Peace


Heavenly Father,

As I start this new day, I ask for an abundance of your peace and serenity to fill my entire being - body, mind and spirit. Calm the chaos within my thoughts and quiet the anxiousness within my heart.

Grant me deep wisdom, clear discernment and immense strength for any challenges I may face. Help me remain patient, kind and loving in my words, actions and reactions.

Guide me to handle every situation with grace, compassion, calmness of spirit and eternal wisdom. Give me clarity of mind, ease of heart and steadfastness of spirit.

Let not my peace be shaken by the uncertainties and difficulties of this world. When troubles arise, remind me to take a deep breath, release all tension, and trust fully in your guidance and protection.

Keep me from instinctively reacting out of fear, anger or haste but responding with care, wisdom and inner peace. Fill me with your perfect peace that surpasses all human understanding, so that I may be a vessel of divine peace for others.

Grant me the gift of remaining centered in the midst of chaos. Bestow upon me a serenity and composure that even the greatest frenzy cannot disturb. Let my enduring calmness and steady demeanor be a testament to your perfect peace within me.

These things I ask in all humility, through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, the Prince of Peace.


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