God Says: "You are Worthy", A Christian Prayer for You

Today, God has a word to you… If you believe in God, make sure to give him a moment of your time.

God is saying to you.

My dear child, listen closely to my words. Where you will find healing, strength, and everything you need, I have so many promises for you, and I give you messages every day because I want to fill your faith until it overflows. When you pray, feel confident about all I have promised you. You are worthy. You are my cherished son, my beloved daughter. You deserve happiness, and that's why I keep asking you to listen to me. Each word nourishes and renews your soul. When you hear my voice, it lifts your spirit from sadness and despair.

The trials, the struggles, the sickness, the pain—they might be heavy, but they don't have to weigh you down forever. In the light of my words, you can always find freedom. You don't have to carry the same burdens all the time. Your past doesn't define your future. You are important to me and to those around you. You must live. You must keep fighting, keep believing with all your strength. You must rise above all that troubles you now and hold these promises close to your heart.

Say these words out loud so you don't forget them: today I urge you to keep my love in your thoughts every day. Your enemies will try to throw dirt at you, to sully your feelings, to discourage you, to make you give up everything. But you will stand strong against these attacks through prayer, faith, and by reflecting on this holy love that has never left you. No matter what comes, this love will never leave you.

After you finish listening to this message, completely cover your face with your hands. Feel the warmth of your breath, feel the texture of your skin. In that moment, feel a divine emotion flowing through your hands, wrapping around your entire being. You will be joyful and full of energy.

After hearing my words, I will anoint you with this holy oil, cleansing the emotions that steal your peace. My child, my son, with tears I urge you to accept my love. Your enemies will always lie to you, trying to mislead you. How could I abandon you when I've given everything for you? You are not forgotten or alone in a barren desert. You're not at the bottom of a deep abyss.

I stand firm in my promises. I will be with you in days of joy and nights of trial. I will put my hand on your shoulder and always remind you that my Holy Spirit within you is stronger than any challenge or attack. You are very important to me. I pay attention to everything you do, think, and ask of me. With every step you take, I protect and support you.

Today, I give you a special, unbreakable supernatural faith. Learn to expect miracles that will amaze you. Everything is possible for those who give their lives to me. Avoid evil, cling to my word, and truly believe that I will grant whatever good they ask of me. The trials you face will make you stronger. The problems that arise will be opportunities to discover new blessings.

Place great importance on my words and let my wisdom guide your path. Do not be swayed by the entanglements of this world nor be disheartened by its deceits. Remember, I never abandon those I love, even though it might sometimes seem like all your troubles are piling up. Always remember, I'm your loving father who desires your success in everything you do. I aim to remove your obstacles and give you strength.

I will bestow upon you my supernatural wisdom, which will help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Do not give in to obstacles, nor disregard all that you have accomplished. Do not overlook the opportunities I have given you. If you embrace my words, you will be a beacon of light in the darkness, a testament to my love and grace.

For your dedication and desire to know me better, I will open the doors and windows of heaven for you and your family, showering you with marvelous blessings. You have already seen how good I can be, but I assure you, even greater and more beautiful things are yet to come if you accept my words. You will experience true happiness and success in all your endeavors. Trust in me, and you and your entire household will be saved.

Believe in my word, and your past will be left behind. The sadness you feel today will disappear and never return if you trust in my power to perform supernatural miracles. So hold on to this faith. Bring me your plans, desires, and dreams, and I will help you. Call on me, and I will answer. Take refuge under my protection when you feel overwhelmed. I am here to relieve your burdens and bring peace to your heart.

Do not think of me as a distant friend. You are incredibly valuable and important to me. Step outside, look up at the sun shining on you and the clouds that shield you from its heat. They exist because you are very precious to me. The heavens, the earth, the universe, the stars—all were created for your enjoyment, to make you feel deeply blessed.

However, there will be times when your life seems stagnant, when problems and conflicts weigh heavily on you, and you might wrongly think there is no way out, that despite your prayers, the blessing you've been promised keeps eluding you. Now, give me all your remaining doubts and lean your head on my shoulder.

My love will show itself right where you are. Even though you face challenges today, you will feel my presence. My words will heal your sadness and calm your anxiety. My love will clear your vision and open your spiritual eyes. Harmony will dominate your home. I will show you a future filled with peace and tranquility.

Many of the challenges you face are there to strengthen you, to deepen your faith, to help you know me better, and to show you that I am a real and all-powerful God. Nothing is too difficult for me. Through my sacrifice on the cross and my resurrection, I have given you eternal salvation. In the spiritual realm, you are seated at my right hand. I have blessed you with an inheritance and the tools you need for a highly blessed life so you can overcome all your challenges. So nothing and no one can stop you and so you can joyfully fulfill the wonderful plan and destiny I have prepared for you.

Now, will you believe and start looking to your future with faith? The enemy tries to use the guilt and remorse you feel over past mistakes against you. But you've already laid all your sins before me. My powerful blood has cleansed you. Through my word, grace, and the power of my resurrection, you are forgiven. And if you stumble again, remember, I am your advocate defending you against all accusers. Get ready for a great surprise, for you will see it with your own eyes.

Many around you will be astonished and afraid when they realize that I am truly with you. They should not oppose you, for in doing so, they challenge my authority. I will silence those who try to drag you into depression with accusations from your past. I will stop the tongues of those who slander and try to tarnish your future. Do not dwell on what people say or open the door to gossipers who divide families. Do not harbor lies in your heart or spread slander. Avoid speaking ill of anyone. Do not let your soul be contaminated by the negativity others bring to you.

There is a fountain within you flowing with beautiful emotions born of my Holy Spirit. Use your words to bless and build up, to share love with those you care about, to offer encouragement to those who are suffering, to uplift the downtrodden, and to prophesy miracles and healing. If you heed my advice and follow my teachings, I assure you, you will find the inner peace needed to overcome any obstacle in life.

My words nourish your soul. They strengthen you to endure hardships. They are a sharp sword that can destroy any army raised against you. Trust in me, no matter how dark the path ahead may seem. I will always be by your side, giving you the strength to persevere and stand firm. I admire your warrior spirit and your faith amidst adversity. You'll achieve great things. Your determination inspires those around you. Your resilience and courage have been tested. You've encountered unexpected challenges and obstacles, yet you've never allowed yourself to be defeated.

Your faith in me connects your spirit to mine, lifting you to a higher spiritual level than you can imagine. Rest in peace and approach your journey with faith and courage. Today, I've taken away your sadness and given you strong assurance that whatever you undertake, you will prosper greatly.

Write down with your own hands: "I believe it." This new day, I will surprise you with good news. You are about to receive the answer you've been waiting for. Today, I will transform your life because I have seen your suffering, your faith, and your dedication. The miracle you're about to receive will bring immense joy to your heart.

You might think it's impossible, but listen to me right now and get ready to receive your blessing. Open your hands, clear your heart of doubt and mistrust, because what is coming into your life today is bigger and better than you ever imagined. I've seen your daily prayers, crying out for me to open the door of opportunity for you. Today, I'm telling you that door has opened.

Everything you've asked from me is about to happen. Do you believe in my power? Do you accept my blessing? Have faith and be courageous. Accept what I give you with confidence. Don't turn away what I place in your hands, even if your problems are huge, even if the struggles keep coming, even if things don't always go as planned. I am your God. I have control over every situation and your life.

Stand up in faith. Look at the sky and always hold your head high, because I do not lie. I never fail. I don't lose battles, and I will never leave you. Feel the peace I send now beginning to fill your heart with calm. Trust in this peace and rest in it so you can be filled with courage and start dreaming again. Believe in love again. Forgive those who have hurt you and have the wisdom to know when to give someone a chance or when to say no and walk away from a harmful relationship or a bad friendship.

Maybe you're not used to living surrounded by peace and happiness because of everything you've been through. You were so troubled that you couldn't enjoy my blessings. But be brave and don't waver. Accept this new life. Your spirit is renewed, and your feet will walk a new path. The future ahead of you is great and wonderful, but you must believe in it and accept it.

Say it out loud: "I believe it." Let me embrace you where you are.


Now, let me pray for you.


Heavenly Father,

I come before you with an open heart and a grateful spirit. Thank you for your words of love and encouragement, spoken directly to my soul. I receive them with faith and trust.

I declare that I am your cherished child, worthy of your blessings and love. Your promises are my strength, and I hold onto them with confidence. I choose to believe in your supernatural power and the miracles you have in store for me.

Lord, cleanse me with your holy oil and wash away any emotions that steal my peace. I surrender my doubts and fears at your feet. Help me to walk in the confidence of your love, knowing that you are always with me.

I accept your forgiveness for my past mistakes. Your grace has cleansed me, and I embrace the new life you offer. Fill me with your peace and joy, so I may boldly step into the future you have prepared for me.

I believe in your power to transform my life. Today, I receive your blessings and open my heart to the good news you have for me. Help me to live in harmony and spread your love to those around me.

Thank you, Lord, for your unwavering presence and unfailing love. I trust in your promises and choose to walk in faith, knowing that you are leading me into a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

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I am blessed
Thank you Lord for this uplifting words and prayers

I gave my heart to you God
Thank you


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